The following are measurements that will be required for your garment . Please note the first 6 are the only ones I need for most dresses . I prefer measurements done in inches but metric is fine.

When measuring keeps the tape measure parallel to the floor, hold it so it is not too tight (the tape should not be able to move, but only just …)

BUSTfullest part of the chest
UNDER BUSTjust below your bra, under the bust
WAISTnatural waist is where your belly button is
HIP fullest part of the bum, usually about 7 inches from waist
BACK from the bone that protrudes the most at the base of your neck to the waist
WAIST TO FLOORfrom belly button height to the floor. Please note your estimated shoe height
ACTUAL GARMENT LENGTH how long skirt is, just writes in knee length, ankle length, floor length etc.
ARM CIRCUMFERANCEaround bicep, the fullest part of the arm
ARM LENGTH from armpit to wrist
EXTRA INFOif you have any thing that I should know